Grand Haven Man Faces Time in Federal Prison, Restitution for Cheating on Taxes

Matthew Daniels, a 46-year-old Grand Haven man who pleaded guilty to filing a false tax return, was sentenced on Wednesday, May 8 to six months in federal prison. Daniels was also ordered to pay more than $119,000 in restitution to the IRS after he allegedly under-reported his income by $362,000 according to a news article at

Daniels’ attorney, Matthew Vicari, said that his client “is sorry and ashamed for what he has done.” Daniels is a married father of three children; his attorney said in court that his client had taken responsibility for his actions.

The news article highlights the fact that Daniels is a respected member of society who received numerous letters of support from his friends, family and colleagues during the criminal justice process. He is said to be a role model to his three children, and very much involved in their lives.

Daniels wrote a letter apologizing for what he had done to U.S. District Judge Robert Holmes Bell. His attorney said that Daniels was simply motivated by greed, and that he under-reported his income never thinking he would be caught. Daniels also wrote to Judge Bell that he was living beyond his means, and that he was ashamed of the pain he caused his family, his dishonesty, and of what he did. He also revealed in the letter that he is losing this insurance business he had built.

Michigan federal crime attorneys understand the serious consequences individuals convicted for federal tax fraud face. Any fraud-related crimes prosecuted at the federal level subject the defendant to more serious penalties than they would usually face at the state level. Some of these crimes include welfare and Medicare fraud, bank and social security fraud, and more. Perhaps the worst thing of all in the case of Mr. Daniels is that he has lost a business that was seemingly successful.

If you have been arrested for or charged with any fraudulent or federal crime, it is urgent that you speak with a capable and aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer who is skilled in defending clients against federal charges.

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