Following 2nd DUI Arrest, Honolulu Deputy Prosecutor Resigns

Recently, Jon Riki Karamatsu resigned his position as deputy prosecutor after he was arrested for DUI for the second time. Karamatsu was arrested for driving under the influence in 2007 after he slammed into a concrete median on the Moanalua Freeway. At that time, he was serving as a state representative for the 41st District, according to news sources.

In the most recent incident which occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. on April 4, Karamatsu was arrested after being stopped at a DUI checkpoint. At the time of news reports, it was not clear whether Karamatsu was under the influence of alcohol or something else, however he refused a blood alcohol or breathalyzer test. Karamatsu resigned as deputy prosecutor saying that he did not want his DUI case to distract from the work of the Honolulu City Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

In Hawaii, a second DUI offense outside of five years of the first offense is considered another first offense. Ultimately Karamatsu will be subject to the same penalties as a first-time DUI offender, which include a fine, community service, possible jail time, and attendance of an alcohol class. Additionally, Karamatsu’s drivers license was revoked for two years.

As anyone can see, drunk driving is a serious matter; in fact, it is a criminal offense that carries harsh penalties for those convicted. Had Karamatsu’s second DUI arrest occurred within five years of the first, he would have faced penalties which are even more severe had he been convicted.

In the state of Michigan, an individual may be charged with a 2nd DUI offense when it occurs within seven years of a first DUI conviction. A person’s driver’s license will be suspended for one year. Criminal penalties may include fines of up to $1,000, up to one year in jail (mandatory five day minimum), community service, attendance of a DUI school, required installation of an ignition interlock device, and more.

Drunk driving is a serious issue. If you have been arrested or charged, it is vital to your freedom and future that you work with an experienced and capable Michigan DUI attorney, who will protect your legal rights and advise you of your options, so that the best possible outcome can be reached.

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