Florida Woman Arrested for DUI Three Times Within One Week

Recently, 31-year-old Jennifer Yi of Brandon, FL was arrested three times within a 6-day time period. According to a news report at WFLA.com, Yi was arrested on April 30, May 1, and again on May 5.

Yi would not submit to a blood alcohol test during the first two arrests, however she did take the test after being pulled over on Tuesday May 5, the last time she was arrested. Records show that Yi was first stopped on Thursday, April 30 in the area of Brandon Blvd. W. Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies arrested her and took her to jail, where she was released after posting $500 bond. The very next day (May 1), Yi was pulled over on Brandon Blvd. E. where deputies again arrested her after she refused to take a blood test, and took her to jail once more where she was released on a $500 bond.

The final arrest on May 5 resulted in Yi’s being arrested and booked into the county jail; this time she did take a blood alcohol test. Her bond was set at $100,000 for this third DUI arrest, although the results of the test were not revealed. Yi is reportedly employed by Coca Cola.

One news site claims that Yi’s third arrest was for DUI with property damage, and that she refused the BAC and urine test on the third arrest just as she did in the first two incidents. 10 News claims Yi is being held without bond on her third arrest.

Regardless of whether Yi did or did not submit to blood/urine tests on the third arrest, this is a serious situation. In the state of Michigan, a conviction for a first DUI can result in up to 93 days in jail, fines, community service, driver’s license suspension, and more. A second offense will result in harsher penalties for those convicted; a third offense is considered a felony, and leaves the offender facing serious consequences including up to five years in prison, driver’s license revocation, vehicle immobilization, substantial fines, and other sanctions. Perhaps even more serious is the impact a DUI conviction may have on a person’s reputation, career, and future.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is critical you take action immediately to avoid a conviction and the resulting negative consequences. It may be possible to have charges dismissed; a skilled Michigan DUI attorney will investigate to determine whether mistakes may have been made by police or your legal rights violated. You have legal options that must be explored in order to reach a good outcome in your case.

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