Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Making DUI Arrest Has Patrol Car Sideswiped by Another Drunk Driver

On Sunday evening, a sheriff’s deputy was marking a DUI arrest in Hillsborough County when his parked patrol car was struck by a car driven by an impaired driver. News reports say the incident occurred at about 10:30 p.m. in Tampa. The driver of the vehicle who sideswiped the patrol car, 49–year-old Todd M. Casey, kept going. Deputies did catch up with Casey.

Sheriff’s deputies were in the process of arresting 36-year-old Michael Probst when the incident occurred. When deputies did apprehend Casey, they noticed his speed was slurred, that he smelled of alcohol, and had red, glassy eyes. Upon administering breath tests, it was found that Casey’s BAC (blood alcohol content) registered .181 percent on one test and .196 percent on another. In Florida, the legal limit is .08 percent, therefore Casey’s BAC was more than twice the legal limit.

Casey was cited for not moving over when passing an emergency vehicle; he was charged with DUI with property damage.

In the state of Michigan, anyone with a blood alcohol concentration of .17 percent or higher may be charged with Super Drunk driving. The Super Drunk law went into effect on October 31 of 2010 in an effort to deter drunk driving, and leaves those convicted facing stiffer penalties than those for a “standard” drunk driving offense. The Super Drunk law applies to first-time offenders, and may result in penalties that include required attendance of an alcohol treatment program, up to six months in jail, driver’s license suspension for 45 days followed by restricted driving for 320 days, community service, and more.

A Super Drunk conviction also has other negative consequences including a criminal record, and possibly higher car insurance rates. Those with a criminal record often find it difficult to secure employment, housing, even financing, and may have points assigned to their driver’s license. When property damage is involved such as in the case above, the offender may face even harsher punishment, or possibly a civil lawsuit filed by the property owner. Each case differs.

Regardless of the details of your case, consulting with an experienced Michigan DUI lawyer is critical to good results. Your attorney will fight for your freedom, work to have charges dismissed or reduced, and protect your legal rights in an effort to obtain the best possible outcome. Never plead guilty to driving under the influence without first talking with a defense lawyer.

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