Florida Man Pursued for Driving Stolen Car, Lists Occupation as Drug Dealer

On Tuesday February 3, a 25-year-old Florida man was arrested in Palm Beach County after he allegedly admitted to police that he was a drug dealer after being stopped for driving a stolen car. According to the New York Daily News, Robert Phillips is a felon who has been convicted numerous times in the past for various crimes.

Apparently, Phillips wrote that his occupation was a “drug dealer” on the police report filed by the arresting officer. However, some are suspicious that it may have been the officers who filled in this information, rather than the defendant. Police were allegedly cut off on Interstate 95 while driving an unmarked police vehicle by Phillips, who was said to be driving a stolen vehicle. The arresting officer discovered the vehicle was stolen after looking up the registration for the car.

The police officer then followed the car Phillips was driving, noting that Phillips stopped off at an arts and crafts store and conducted a drug deal along the way. Phillips allegedly ran through the store as the officer pursued him on foot, knocking a woman in the store down and dropping a gun inside the arts and crafts store, said to be a semi-automatic.

When Phillips was finally apprehended, police discovered he had in his possession 5.3 grams of crack cocaine, 22 grams of heroin, a drug scale, empty prescription bottles, and more than $2,300 in cash. He is facing multiple drug charges according to news reports, however police say that by putting down “drug dealer” on the police report as his occupation, he signed his own confession.

At the time of news reports, Phillips was behind bars at the Palm Beach County Jail on a $242,000 bond.

Drug crimes are punished severely across the U.S. today, leaving those convicted facing various penalties including prison time, fines, and a permanent criminal record. Some may spend a year or two in prison, while others are sentenced to 20 or 30 years, or even life behind bars, depending on the severity of the crime, and the type/amount of drug involved. In the state of Michigan, possession of less than 50 grams of heroin may result in a maximum of four years in prison and fines of up to $25,000 for those found guilty.

In many cases, someone in possession of marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin, or any other illegal drug may face possession with intent to deliver charges due to the amount of drug in his or her possession. Prosecutors often “trump up” the charges when someone is found to have a substantial amount of a certain drug, which results in even harsher punishment.

Regardless of whether you have been arrested for simple marijuana possession or methamphetamine manufacturing, there are legal options which may work to your advantage including drug courts, pre-trial diversion, and more. Do not put your freedom and future in jeopardy; consult with a highly trusted and aggressive Michigan drug crime defense attorney immediately.

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