Florida Gay Couple Files Lawsuit Over Having Drivers Licenses Revoked Due to Name

Last week, Daniel and Scott Wall-DeSousa filed a lawsuit in Orlando federal court demanding that their driver’s licenses be reinstated with their married last name, Wall-DeSousa. Scott Wall and Daniel DeSousa married in New York in 2013, and went through the Social Security Administration to legally change their last name to Wall-DeSousa, according to a news report at ABC News.

Florida is a state that frowns on same-sex unions, and when the couple moved to the state, the problems began. While Daniel successfully changed his driver’s license in Brevard County, Scott didn’t have the same luck. He did succeed in Orange County, however was told in Brevard County that in the state of Florida, his marriage license was not a legal document. Florida bans same-sex marriages.

After having their licenses changed, Daniel and Scott went on television with an interview by an Orlando station about their new driver’s licenses. Shortly thereafter, the two men received a letter informing them their driver’s licenses had been revoked from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The men filed the lawsuit against the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles based on the argument that their rights to equal protection, due process, and free speech have been violated.

While the above story is unusual, the fact that the two men have had their driver’s licenses revoked will make their lives difficult, which is truly an understatement. Not having the privilege to drive actually makes living life normally impossible, as it becomes a daily chore trying to find a way to get to work, run errands, go to the doctor, etc. Most people don’t feel comfortable imposing on others to chauffeur them around, so it becomes a real hassle.

In Michigan, a driver’s license may be suspended or revoked due to DUI, drug or other criminal offenses, multiple traffic violations, or failure to pay child support. No matter why someone’s license is suspended or revoked, it creates a hardship. Driving is one of those natural things we do in the process of our daily lives that we give hardly a thought to, until the privilege is taken away.

If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, work with an experienced Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorney who is skilled and has a proven track record of success.

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