Flint Double Homicide Under Investigation as Number of Multiple Homicides Continue to Rise for 2012

On Sunday, August 5th, a 911 call was made by a woman on Flint’s north side claiming that someone broke in to the home where she was staying. The woman called from a neighbor’s house, claiming she was cut several times and that two men in the home were killed. While the details remain sketchy, the Michigan State Police Crime Lab and Flint Police are investigating what appears to be a double homicide. Two males were found dead at the scene according to Flint Police Captain T.P. Johnson. The residence is located in the 800 block of West Dayton Street.

Reports claim the two deceased males died from apparent gunshot wounds. The female who called 911 was also in the residence at the time of the attack which took place approximately 5:30 a.m. Johnson said the woman fled to the neighbor’s house to make the call, and had suffered knife wounds to the neck area.

Michigan criminal defense lawyers realize that there have been numerous murders in Flint so far this year, and that many of those have involved multiple murders. In fact, the story above brings the total number of double homicides in the city this year to four. A triple homicide occurred in late July as well.

The year began with a double homicide, when on January 18th firefighters discovered the bodies of a 23-year-old and 25-year-old, both who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds. On April 8th, a man and woman were shot to death at the male victim’s home on Easter Sunday. June 26th brought another double homicide when a young man and woman in their 20’s were shot at the home of Roderick D. Harris, who then turned himself in and confessed to shooting the two victims, stating that he shot in self-defense when the two came to collect a debt.

The one triple homicide which occurred just last month happened on July 18th when two men and an unidentified woman were shot to death at a home on Frazer and Tacken streets. A fourth victim survived her injuries after being beaten and shot.

It is critical that any individual charged with murder or homicide consult with a Michigan murder defense attorney immediately. Your lawyer will protect your legal rights and work to build a solid, effective defense strategy on your behalf, helping you avoid severe penalties and time behind bars.

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