Fatal Amish Buggy Crash Leaves Faulted Driver’s License Suspended Indefinitely

A May crash in Hillsdale between a vehicle and horse-drawn buggy carrying an Amish family resulted in the death of a 10-month-old boy. Now, the woman convicted in the crash has had her driver’s license suspended indefinitely. 70-year-old Doris Johns was also given a $1,275 fine and 24 months probation following her plea agreement, in which Johns pleaded guilty to two counts of committing a moving violation causing serious injury. All charges against Johns are misdemeanors; two charges including committing a moving violation in a school zone and committing a moving violation causing a death were dismissed.

According to news reports, Johns was distracted by a dog which caused her to look away from the road. When she returned her attention to the roadway in front of her, the buggy had slowed, causing her to strike the buggy, which then spooked the horse and resulted in the buggy veering off of the road and overturning. Michael and Margie Steury deny that their horse slowed, and claimed they did not see a dog.

Johns runs an adult foster care home and requested a trial in regards to the original moving violation causing death charge, but since the charge was dismissed she will be able to retain her license to run the facility. However, Johns’ driver’s license was suspended indefinitely by the Secretary of State. According to Neal Brady, Hillsdale County Prosecutor, it was a matter of keeping others safe, getting Johns convicted and getting her driver’s license suspended.

The Steury family was relieved not to have to relive the details through a trial, but did want Johns to be held responsible and to protect other Amish from her driving.

This is a sad situation that ended tragically; however, it was clearly unintentional. Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys realize the importance of having a license and the right to drive, how essential it is to our everyday lives.

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