Farmington Court Clerk Killed, Body Dismembered; Boyfriend Expected to Be Charged

Kaitlin Hehir, a 29-year-old Farmington court clerk, was recently murdered and her body dismembered, according to news reports at Hehir’s 28-year-old boyfriend, whose name was not revealed, is expected to face charges in her murder. He also lived in the home where sections of Hehir’s body was found in five-gallon tubs on Saturday. The tubs were located in the garage and basement of her home.

Media reports say that Hehir’s colleagues were shocked to learn of her gruesome death. Hehir was reported missing on Saturday evening, February 23 by her boyfriend, who told police that earlier that morning Hehir had picked him up from work and took him home, and that she then went back to a party she had been at on Friday evening. However, friends reported that Hehir did not return to the party, and that they did not see her again after she left to pick up her boyfriend from work.

Later, Hehir’s boyfriend admitted to police that the two had gotten into an argument, and that it had turned physical. A search of the home performed by police revealed bloody plastic according to the Farmington Public Safety Department.

Police obtained a search warrant, and subsequently searched the home for Hehir’s body, which they found had been dismembered by what they believed to be a reciprocating saw. The cause of death has not yet been released, although the autopsy has been completed. The case is currently under review by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office. Prosecutor Jessica Cooper told reporters that the suspect will remain in the Farmington Jail where he will appear for a swear-to and arraignment before Judge Jamie Wittenberg via video feed.

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