Dumas Police Officer Faces Drug Conspiracy Charges

Last week, a police officer with the Dumas Police Department in Arkansas was arrested for alleged drug conspiracy. According to several news sources 37-year-old James Ivory Edgerson, who has worked with the department for 14 years, is charged with drug conspiracy, a drug offense that could land him in prison for life if found guilty.

U.S. Attorney Chris Thyer’s office announced the arrest on Thursday, September 10 after a lengthy investigation revealed Edgerson was making drug deliveries to confidential sources between May and September. During the investigation, Edgerson’s phone was also tapped. Upon his arrest, the suspect allegedly had an ounce of crack cocaine and three ounces of powder cocaine in his possession. Upon searching his home, authorities found $16,000, several firearms, and an unregistered suppressor.

Several other people were arrested in the drug conspiracy including Kendrick Lamar Edgerson, Rodney Lariel Edgerson, and Gregory Lamont Charles, all of Little Rock, Eli Haynes III of Arlington, TX, and Steven Sherrod Miles of Dumas. In total, police seized $222,000 in cash, five firearms, one pound of marijuana, one ounce of crack cocaine, and 28 ounces of powder cocaine after searching officer Edgerson and two other defendants’ homes.

Kendrick and Rodney Edgerson are both related to James Edgerson, who according to the complaint bought methamphetamine in Arlington from Haynes and sold it in Arkansas. The complaint also alleges that James and Kendrick Edgerson were discussing drug trafficking during a phone call federal agents intercepted.

Drug distribution and conspiracy are extremely serious charges. Although they are two separate offenses, these crimes often go hand in hand and can result in severe consequences for those convicted. Not only will the offender face a substantial number of years or even life in prison, he/she will have a criminal record, a ruined reputation, and broken family relationships. A conviction for drug conspiracy will literally ruin someone’s life.

Regardless of whether someone is charged with a less serious offense such as marijuana possession or a crime as serious as the one described above, it is imperative to consult with a Michigan drug crimes lawyer. It is important to take action immediately to protect your legal rights and freedom, learn about potential legal options, and work with your attorney in developing a strong and effective legal strategy. When your freedom is at risk, never take chances.

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