Driving on a Suspended License in Michigan is a Bad Idea

Motorists across the U.S. are arrested every day for driving on a suspended driver’s license. As experienced Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorneys, we understand there are emergency situations in which you feel you have no choice but to drive. However, many people whose licenses have been suspended get back behind the wheel when there is no emergency. This is not a good idea, for a number of reasons.

A driver’s license may be suspended due to DUI, failure to pay child support, a drug conviction, or even multiple traffic infractions/tickets. Regardless of why your license was suspended, you should avoid driving until your driving privilege has been restored. You may be thinking, “But I won’t get caught.” That is what most people whose licenses have been suspended thought, before they were arrested for driving on a suspended license. When you take the risk and drive without a license, you have to remember that you are not the only one in control of your situation – other motorists are out there, too, and you cannot control their actions.

Think of all of the possible scenarios if you were to get out and drive illegally. You could be pulled over for something you aren’t even aware of, such as the fact that a turn signal or brake light isn’t working. If your vehicle should break down and you pull to the side of the road or interstate, a police officer could possibly pull over to help – and find that your license has been suspended.

While the above situations may be unlikely, it could happen. More likely is that you swerve just a little while texting on your cell phone (which is also against the law), and get pulled over. Or, another motorist could rear end you at a stoplight, or back into your vehicle in a parking lot. There are countless things that could happen, and if any one of them do, you will find yourself facing an even longer suspension period.

The fact is, driving on a suspended or revoked license in Michigan is a criminal offense. This means that you could face penalties that include fines of up to $500 and possible jail time. These penalties apply to first-time offenders; repeat offenders face penalties that are even harsher.

Don’t take the chance. If your license has been suspended, discuss your situation with a highly skilled Michigan driver’s license restoration attorney who will help you get back behind the wheel – legally.

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