Driver’s License Restoration Series: Letters of Reference

If you’re ready to request a hearing to restore your driver’s license, you probably have had some help along the way. Friends, family, and coworkers may have given you rides while you did not have a license, listened as you worked through challenges of staying sober, and believed in you on those days you weren’t sure how you would make it without a license. We will lean on them one more time as we prepare for your hearing.

As part of your request packet, we will need to submit three to six letters of reference to the Office of Hearings and Administration Oversight. The hearing officer will read these letters to help determine whether you are safe to return to the road.

Your People

We suggest you ask for letters from people who know you well and have an understanding of your history and character. Each letter should be unique, but they all must contain the following information:

• The person’s relationship to you
• How often the person sees you
• How long the person has known you
• The last time this person saw or had knowledge of your substance use
• How much alcohol or other illicit substance you last consumed
• Your social activities
• Knowledge of your treatment or activity with a support group

You’ll want to choose people who support you and who can help tell the story of your transformation from the person who lost a driver’s license to the person who can be trusted with other people’s well-being on the road. We will help you choose the people who will be the most effective choices in the eyes of the hearing officer.

If you have been working with a sponsor through Alcoholics Anonymous or a similar group, your sponsor will be the perfect reference to write about the work you have done to achieve and maintain your sobriety.

Our Expertise

Once your references have drafted their letters, we will review each of them carefully and suggest revisions. We will make sure the letters are worded in ways that paint you in the best light and maximize the impact on the hearing officer. We will also make sure the letters align, that they tell similar stories of success and confidence in you. With the benefit of our experience, your letters will show the hearing officer that you can be trusted with driving privileges.

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Contact us for help restoring your driver’s license. We have a 97% success rate and will make sure your reference letters, as well as the rest of your materials, are just as they should be to get you behind the wheel where you belong.

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