Detroit Police Inadvertently ‘Stumble’ Upon Large Marijuana Growing Operation

On Thursday October 11, the Detroit Police Gang Squad noticed a man acting suspiciously as they were patrolling a school near Linwood at the Lodge. The man, who had been walking when the gang squad spotted him, took off running. According to news reports, police then chased the man to a home on Wildemere, where they allegedly discovered a major marijuana growing operation.

Detroit Police Inspector Don Johnson said that officers found a substantial amount of cocaine and heroin inside the home, as well as more than 100 marijuana plants. The drugs’ street value was determined to be about $150,000 according to Johnson.

Stephanie Davis, a news reporter for WWJ Newsradio 950’s, was able to go inside the house as she was reporting the news story. Davis said that she spotted a book titled “The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible,” and that there were areas in the home with special lighting for growing the marijuana plants in various stages.

Johnson also stated that community involvement is important, and that neighbors in the area must have known what was going on at the residence. Johnson said, “I’ve had several individuals walk up and down the street as our officers are here, just trying to see what we’re doing, and they know that his house is here.”

At least one man was arrested at the abandoned residence on Thursday afternoon. As the scene was unfolding, a woman walking by the home told reporters that she saw a police vehicle, and that she did not know what was happening although she claimed to be the girlfriend of the man arrested.

Police allege that the tenants of the abandoned home were “squatting,” and that diverted stolen electricity was being used in the makeshift growing operation. The home was tidy with one bedroom being filled with several children’s toys and other personal belongings, according to Johnson. There was also allegedly a caged pit bull in the living room of the home.

A proposal on the ballot which will be voted on by Detroit voters this November would allow Detroit residents over the age of 21 to legally possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana for personal use. Johnson did not comment on the proposal.

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