Detroit Man Charged in Triple Murders

On Thursday February 7, three bodies including two women and one man were found dead inside a Detroit home; Detroit police say the victims died of multiple gunshot wounds. Now, 21-year-old Shadell Love has been charged in the deaths of 20 year-old India Coleman, 20-year-old Curtis Clemens, and 25-year-old Lauren Trotty, all of Detroit.

According to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, Love has been charged with felony firearm and three counts of first-degree murder. The three bodies were found by a visitor at a home located in the 11000 block of Coyle Street. Love’s next court appearance is scheduled for March 19; he is being held at the Wayne County Jail until that hearing.

A neighbor who lives across the street from the home where the bodies were discovered said that the home had been vacant, and he believed that the victims were squatting there. The neighbor, Limuel Hubbard, said two woman and two children had been staying in the house. A friend of the female victims, Zalika Murray, told news reporters that she had been at the home the evening before playing cards and “smoking weed,” and that the two children who were one and five years old were present when the shooting occurred, but were not harmed.

Limel Hubbard’s granddaughter Syerra Hubbard said that she has faith and knows that nothing will happen to her, that she is used to hearing gunshots in the neighborhood. Other residents of the area said that the police are rarely called because hearing gunshots at night is a regular occurrence. Another neighbor who works at the corner grocery store said that the neighborhood had gone downhill, and that he just tries to mind his own business.

Michigan homicide defense attorneys know that the criminal penalties individuals who are convicted of first-degree murder face are extremely harsh. In fact, a conviction could potentially mean life behind bars. It is critical that individuals arrested or charged with this serious offense consult with an attorney immediately.

If you have been charged with first- or second-degree murder or homicide, contact an experienced and aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer who will work to obtain the best possible results for your situation.

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