Detroit Hair Salons Targets of Recent Robberies

Last week, three beauty salons were robbed by what police believe to be the same two well-dressed men. In all, the robbers got away with about $1,800 belonging to clients who were patrons of the salons and stylists. One robbery took place on Tuesday in a Warren salon, one on Wednesday at an Oak Park salon, and one on Thursday at a St. Clair Shores salon. As of Friday the 17th, Oak Park Police were still looking for the alleged robbers, who were believed to be driving an older model GMC Yukon SUV during the commission of the first two robberies.

According to news reports, the salons were robbed at gunpoint. The two men were caught on video at one point, in the process of robbing a hair salon on 9 Mile and Geneva. In the video, one of the men is heard yelling “This is a stick up” once inside of the salon. One of the two men allegedly pulls out a gun at that point, and demands that employees and five customers who were in the salon to hand over their purses. A stylist at the salon told news reporters that she thought because the men robbed them wore no masks, they were all going to die.

Police suspect that the same two men are responsible for all of the armed robberies which took place last week.

Michigan criminal defense lawyers know that robbery is serious business, particularly armed robbery. Those convicted may serve substantial prison time, and be saddled with a criminal record for a lifetime. Even those who have not been arrested but are under investigation are urged to consult with an experienced, aggressive attorney right away. Armed robbery is a felony offense; whether you are guilty or innocent, is it crucial that you seek capable legal representation.

Those convicted of robbery may face up to 15 years in prison. However, when a weapon is used in the commission of the crime or it is even insinuated that a weapon is present, the accused may face life imprisonment according to Michigan’s Penal Code (750.529). At the very least, you will spend two years in prison if convicted.

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for any type of larceny or theft offense involving a weapon or in which force or fear was used, speak with a skilled Michigan armed robbery defense attorney today. Your future and freedom are literally hanging in the balance.

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