Denard Robinson Pleads Guilty to Driving on Suspended License, Pays Fine

On November 4 of this year, Denard Robinson was cited in Bath Township for expired registration tags and driving on a suspended license after he was stopped for failing to signal a turn. This was Robinson’s first brush with the law according to news reports, which state that Robin pleaded guilty to the charge of driving on a suspended license.

Robinson was pulled over by police in East Lansing, commonly known as Spartans territory. Lt. Lyle Lindemulder of the Bath Township Police said that Robinson was cooperative when police arrested him, but did not reveal why his driver’s license had been suspended. Reports do say that it was a suspension, and not a revocation. Lindemulder said that “a license can be suspended for a number of reasons.”

Because Robinson pleaded guilty to the charge, he will be able to travel with the Michigan Wolverines and play against South Carolina in the Outback Bowl. Robinson will face no punishment from the school because he paid the fine that was imposed on him, according to David Ablauf, a Wolverines spokesman.

CBS News reported that after pleading guilty, Robinson paid $65 for the expired registration tags, along with $870 in other fines and court costs.

Michigan driving with a suspended license attorneys know that the penalties for such an offense are serious. While Robinson paid substantial fines, many people who are arrested for driving on a suspended license face jail time, and have the original suspension period doubled. Before you plead guilty or pay any fines, consult with a lawyer who may be able to get the charges against you dropped, or penalties reduced.

The penalties you may face if convicted depend largely on the circumstances surrounding your case. There are defenses which are effective in defending individuals charged with DWLS, including an improper stop by police, driving due to an emergency, not being notified that your license was suspended, and more. Discuss your situation with an experienced Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyer today.

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