Decatur Man Faces Driving While License Suspended, Other Charges Following Tailgating Traffic Stop

On Monday June 10, 32-year-old Robert Anthony Moore was stopped by police in Lawrence for driving on the fog line and tailgating another vehicle; he was charged with resisting and obstructing, and jailed after it was determined there were previous warrants for his arrest.

The incident occurred near Exit 52 on eastbound I-94 in Lawrence Township. Upon pulling Moore over, the officer found that he had no identification; he also allegedly provided the officer with a false name and date of birth, according to a Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Fingerprints ultimately identified Moore to police after he was arrested and taken to the Van Buren County Jail. Police also learned that in addition to two outstanding warrants, Moore was driving on a suspended license. He was charged with driving while license suspended, providing false information to a police officer, and resisting and obstructing a police officer.

Michigan drivers license restoration lawyers know that there are situations in which an individual whose license has been suspended must drive; however, it is never advised that someone drive on a suspended license, as the penalties are extremely serious. Not only may the initial suspension period be doubled, penalties may also include fines, driver’s responsibility fees, and even substantial time behind bars in some circumstances.

When someone has been caught driving on a suspended license, it is highly recommended that the individual contact an experienced Michigan drivers license reinstatement attorney at once, rather than risking jail time or other serious consequences. The attorney you choose should be one who is skilled with a proven track record for successfully handling these types of cases in front of the Secretary of State’s DAAD (Driver Assessment and Appeal Division). Depending on various factors, it may be possible to have the suspension period reduced, or even completely dropped.

Driving is a privilege that is often abused or taken for granted; however, when your license is suspended or revoked it can seriously impact your life in ways you never expected. Whether your driver’s license has recently been suspended due to DUI or another offense, or you have been charged with driving on a suspended license, consult with an aggressive and capable lawyer now.

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