Connecticut Man Charged with Driving with Suspended License, Drunk Driving, More

Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys know that the majority of drivers license suspensions or revocations can be attributed to drunk or reckless driving. Often, reckless driving is a direct result of driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, as the driver may be impaired to the point that he or she speeds or otherwise operates a vehicle in a reckless or dangerous manner.

Recently, 27-year-old Marcel Moracho of Danbury, Connecticut was charged with reckless driving, drunken driving, failure to obey a stop sign, and driving with a suspended license. Moracho allegedly nearly collided with a police cruiser as he turned left while driving eastbound, causing a police cruiser which was moving in a westbound direction to have to brake suddenly to avoid a crash.

According to a news report at the blog, Moracho ran a stop sign after accelerating in his effort to escape police. After ignoring the stop sign at Roberts Avenue and sailing through the intersection, he was apprehended and cited for the above mentioned offenses.

In Michigan, individuals who are arrested for drunk driving have only 14 days to request an administrative hearing to avoid losing their driving privileges. It is highly recommended that you obtain the support and guidance of an experienced Michigan driver’s license reinstatement lawyer before attending this hearing, to ensure the best possible chance of retaining your driving privilege. Proper and thorough preparation is key to a good outcome.

Whether your license has been suspended for DUI, or you were cited for driving on a license that had already been suspended, you have only one opportunity to be successful at your DLAD hearing, as you will not be able to schedule another hearing for one year. This is why it is vital that you are well prepared and understand what is required in order to have your license restored. Don’t take chances; consult with a highly skilled attorney with a winning track record for helping clients have their driver’s licenses restored.

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