Comstock Township Scene of Multiple Meth Busts in Recent Weeks

Over the past week, several meth labs have been found at locations in Comstock Township.

On Saturday February 15, deputies responded to a home located in the 5900 block of Comstock Avenue after Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s deputies received a call regarding a suspected meth lab that was smoking. Upon arriving at the scene, a one-pot meth lab was found in the living room, along with meth by-products. A check of the residence following the drafting and execution of a search warrant revealed several methamphetamine labs in the basement area of the residence.

While no arrests were reported on the day of the search, 50 to 100 one-pot meth labs were allegedly found inside the home according to the sheriff’s department and news reports at WWMT-Channel 3. A press release indicated that several individuals are suspected of being involved in meth manufacturing, two of them residents of the Kalamazoo area.

Five days later, several people were arrested in connection with manufacturing meth in a separate incident in Comstock Township. After receiving complaints regarding suspected drug activity from neighbors, sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant in the 6200 block of Wright Street. Upon investigating the residence, authorities discovered a substance suspected to be meth, along with remnants of meth labs and components used in manufacturing meth. Deputies said that several individuals inside the residence were arrested on various charges; three people who are in their 20s are expected to face charges in relation to the meth labs and other items found at the scene.

On the same day, deputies responded to another complaint regarding a possible methamphetamine lab in the 5800 block of Comstock Avenue; this meth lab was inside a vehicle, according to news reports at In all, there were three meth busts over a one-week period in Comstock Township.

Michigan drug crime defense attorneys know that those who are charged for manufacturing meth or operating/maintaining a meth lab face extremely serious consequences if convicted. Depending on the specific facts of your case, criminal penalties may include fines of up to $25,000 and up to 20 years in prison. Individuals with a past criminal conviction or who were in possession of methamphetamine or operating a meth lab within a certain distance of a school, park, or church may face even more serious punishment.

If you have been arrested on meth-related charges or are under investigation, consult with a talented Michigan drug crime defense lawyer right away. Your attorney will work vigorously to protect your freedom and help you avoid a conviction and the resulting criminal penalties.

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