Clear Example of Why People Should Not Drive After Having Consumed Alcohol

Most people who choose to drive in an intoxicated state (even though they probably don’t think they are intoxicated) believe they are perfectly alert and capable. Even a couple of alcoholic drinks can impair your ability to think clearly and react swiftly. Most individuals believe they are “fine” to drive, that they will not get caught, everything will be okay. While that may be true in most cases, here is one recent example of what can happen when you choose to drive while drunk.

On Saturday, August 16, a Hampton Bays man was arrested in the early morning hours after police pulled him over for a traffic infraction – one of his headlights was not operating. This led to the man, 23-year-old Jack Formica, being arrested and charged with drunk driving. He was taken to the Southampton police headquarters where he would be held until his arraignment.

Did Formica know the headlight was out? Maybe not. Still, regardless of the condition of your vehicle or whether it is in good working order, you should never get behind the wheel whether you believe you are intoxicated or not. What would happen if you became involved in an accident that was not your fault, for example if you were rear-ended at a stoplight? Police would detect the odor of alcohol or notice red eyes, slurring, or other indicators of intoxication, and you would likely be charged with DUI.

If this had happened in Michigan, the offender would be facing serious consequences if found guilty of driving while under the influence, even if it was his first offense. Jail time, steep fines, and driver’s license suspension are a few of the penalties individuals face when convicted of DUI in Michigan. With each subsequent offense, the criminal penalties become harsher; in fact, a third offense is a felony, and will result in driver’s license revocation.

Sure, you may be able to drive while under the influence and get away with it – but on the other hand, you may not get away with it. As a human being, you cannot control you environment and what could possibly happen. Stay safe, and leave the driving to someone else when you have been drinking. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who takes a chance and gets caught, contact an aggressive Michigan DUI defense attorney immediately.

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