Charges Pending Against Four Individuals in Flint After Police Receive Anonymous Tip

On Monday, April 4 the CATT (Crime Area Target Team) squad of the Flint Police Department received an anonymous tip regarding possible drug activity at a residence on the city’s south side.

According to information released by the department, police knocked on the door of the residence upon arriving at the scene and found illegal narcotics which included heroin, marijuana, and crack-cocaine. Officers also discovered four firearms, one of which was stolen, and cash at the home. Police confiscated what they described as “large amounts” of drugs along with the firearms and money.

News reports from April 14 state charges against the four individuals, who were not named, are pending review by the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office.

Criminal charges regarding a stolen firearm may be serious, however the drugs found at the residence are more problematic for those involved. If there were actually “large amounts” of drugs at the home, prosecutors may decide to charge the offenders with possession with intent to distribute or deliver, or even more serous charges.

Those involved may have simply been in possession of illegal drugs, or may be involved in manufacturing or trafficking drugs. Until further details are released, it’s impossible to know what the actual charges will be.

In Michigan, possession of heroin, cocaine, or marijuana is serious enough. However, when someone is convicted of possession with intent to distribute/deliver, the consequences become even more concerning. Those charged with possession with intent to deliver may face substantial prison time along with thousands of dollars in fines depending on the schedule of drug involved. For instance, Schedule I drugs are the most serious and include marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, and other highly addictive and abused substances. Schedule I or II substances can leave those found guilty facing 20 years to life behind bars, depending on the amount/type of drug involved and other factors.

If you have been arrested for possession, manufacturing, possession with intent to deliver, or any offense involving illegal drugs, it is important to your freedom and future to consult with a highly qualified Michigan drug crimes attorney immediately.

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