Charges of Assault with Intent to Murder Dropped in Gas Station Shooting After Victim Recants ID of Shooter

Arthur L. Williams, a 25-year-old man charged with assault with intent to murder in a gas station shooting in September, is no longer facing charges after the alleged victim recanted the shooter’s ID, according to a news article at

On September 6, a shooting occurred at a Speedway gas station in Buena Vista Township. At approximately 2 in the morning, a fight took place in the parking lot near the gas pumps which resulted in the victim being shot. Buena Vista Police Detective Sgt. Greg Klecker said that upon reviewing surveillance video of the altercation, detectives saw a group of men engage in a fight after several men and women arrived in the parking lot in separate vehicles. One of the men pulled away from the crowd before firing at the victim, who fell and then got up, ran away, and eventually sought medical treatment. The suspect in the shooting fled on foot, according to Klecker.

At his preliminary hearing on November 4, the victim recanted the identification of Williams as the shooter. Others who were involved in the fight would not cooperate with investigators, so the prosecutor’s office decided to drop the charges against Williams, according to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Christopher Boyd. Williams remains behind bars on a charge related to the case after he fled from police on foot as they attempted to capture him about one month after the shooting. He is charged with felony resisting and obstructing a police officer.

Had Williams gone to trial on the assault with intent to murder charge, he may have faced up to life in prison had he been convicted. Now, he will face trial for the resisting and obstructing charge, however a trial date had not been set at the time of this report.

Michigan criminal defense attorneys know that there are many situations in which someone may be accused of a crime he or she did not commit. Why did the victim in this incident recant the identification of the shooter? Defendants are often the victims of mistaken identity. Regardless of the circumstances, anyone who is accused of a crime, no matter how minor or serious the offense may be, should work with a skilled defense lawyer whose goal is to have charges dropped, reduced, or secure an acquittal should the case go to trial. It is critical that you take action to protect your legal rights, freedom, and future.

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