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Many people are not aware of the fact that Michigan trial courts include the circuit, district, and probate courts.  All of the courts serve different purposes, however the district court is the one most are familiar with and is often referred to as “the people’s court.”  As far as the trial court with the broadest power in the state of Michigan, the circuit court reigns supreme.  Probate court, naturally, is where issues involving wills, trusts, and  estates are handled, along with other issues, which we’ll discuss below.

Michigan Circuit Court

Some of the court actions addressed in Michigan circuit courts include garnishments, seizure of property, domestic relations, name change, personal protection, order for testing of infectious diseases, and emancipation of a minor.  In regards to criminal issues, the circuit court is also where felony criminal cases or civil cases valued at more than $25,000 are handled.  For criminal purposes, the circuit court handles those cases in which an individual is charged with a felony crime, which in simple terms is a crime that may, if the individual is convicted, result in a prison term of longer than one year.  Currently there are 57 circuit courts in the state of Michigan, located in various counties including Wayne County in which there are 61 judges who preside over circuit court matters.

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