Blair Township Man Fires at Police Officers, Charged with Assault with Intent to Commit Murder

On April 7, Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a home in Blair Township following a report of a gun being fired inside the home. On Tuesday April 9, 50-year-old Richard Lee Radcliffe was arrested and is now facing four felony charges.

When deputies arrived at the residence, a father and stepson were at the home; initially, it was not clear who opened fire on police. The weapon was described as a semi-automatic rifle in news reports at

Upon their approach at the home, deputies were fired upon. None of the officers were struck, and a deputy did return fire. It was determined that Radcliffe had fired on officers; he was arrested although he was treated at an area hospital before being taken to jail, as he suffered a broken leg in the course of his arrest.

Radcliffe has been charged with two firearms-related offenses, felonious assault, and assault with intent to commit murder. On Tuesday night he remained in jail on a $750,000 bond.

At the time of news reports, it was unclear why gunshots were being fired when deputies were called to the scene. At the request of the sheriff’s office, Michigan state police are investigating the incident.

In Michigan, assault with intent to commit murder is a serious crimes that leaves those convicted facing harsh criminal penalties. As capable Michigan assault with intent to commit murder lawyers, we know that a conviction could mean many years to life in prison. We also understand that in some situations, accusations against an individual are amplified – especially when law enforcement is involved, or the intended target.

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