Appeal Hearing to Proceed for Drive-by Murder Defendants

In 2011, three men were convicted on charges of murder in a 2002 drive-by murder in Adrian. The Michigan Court of Appeals has implemented orders that the defendants, Paul and Peter Daniel, 46, and Leonard Dee McGlown, also 46, may bring motions for a new trial following an appeal hearing later this month.

The defendants are scheduled to go before Judge Margaret M.S. Noe in an evidentiary hearing on January 24 and 25. According to Adrian publication The Daily Telegram, these two dates are when testimony will be heard regarding a defense claim that the case in the 2011 trial was prejudiced due to restraints used in the trial, although the article does not reveal what those restraints were.

A joint trial in October of 2011 ended with guilty verdicts for all three men, who were convicted on charges of first-degree murder and weapons charges. The three defendants were sentenced to terms of mandatory life in prison without the possibility of parole.

A renewed investigation into a 2002 shooting led to the arrest of the three men in 2010. The shooting involved the death of 20-year-old Marcus Newsom of Adrian; it is believed that Newsom was shot as a result of mistaken identity.

On Monday January 7, Judge Noe and Prosecutor Jonathan Poer met with attorneys appointed to represent the defendants for a discussion of the upcoming evidentiary hearing. The defendants were ordered to be present at the upcoming hearing by Judge Noe at a December 3rd hearing.

Michigan murder appeals attorneys know that even those who have already been convicted of a crime may have another chance. Legal errors or mistakes made by the judge or jury can leave innocent people facing serious penalties. Lawyers who specialize in post-conviction services will thoroughly analyze your case to determine if there may be other options that could result in your convicted being overturned.

If you feel that you have been convicted of a serious crime in error, or that mistakes were made that left you facing penalties too severe for the crime you are accused of committing, do not hesitate before contacting a competent Michigan criminal appeals lawyer.

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