Alleged Ohio Drug Trafficker Arrested in Indianapolis

On Friday November 7, a 29-year-old Columbus, Ohio drug trafficker was arrested in Indianapolis as he left a hotel. According to a news report at, Oscar Vega-Gomez has eluded arrest since May of this year when he was charged by criminal complaint with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine. The charges came following an investigation by the Columbus Bulk Cash Smuggling Task Force, led by HSI (Homeland Security Investigations). 

Vega-Gomez had avoided detection by authorities by changing addresses and using several aliases. Following his arrest, the suspect’s Columbus-area home and two storage facilities in the vicinity were searched after task force officers executed federal search warrants. Upon searching his residence, officers discovered about $170,000 which was hidden behind a dishwasher in the kitchen. The cash was placed in a cutaway section of drywall.

Officers also found $200,000 in a hidden compartment inside a vehicle in one of the storage unites. The vehicle was seized by task force officers as well, as it is illegal to design hidden compartments in a vehicle in Ohio.

Vega-Gomez was arrested by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and HSI special agents, along with Indiana State Police and Whitestown Police Department officers.

Drug trafficking is a very serious crime across the U.S. Charged as a felony, a conviction will leave the accused facing severe criminal penalties, including prison time and enormous fines. It is important to note that there are countless cases in which investigators or police may suspect that someone in possession of marijuana, cocaine, or any illicit drug intends to distribute or sell that drug, simply because of the amount in the individual’s possession. When authorities feel that the amount of drug a person has is more than would be considered normal for personal use, they may attempt to enhance the charges. While possession is a serious offense, charges of distributing or selling drugs will have far-reaching consequences for those found guilty.

In Michigan, a conviction for drug trafficking will not only result in loss of freedom and substantial fines, but ruin of your reputation and career. It is vital that you take action to protect your freedom and legal rights immediately. Do not speak with police or investigators without first consulting with a skilled and aggressive Michigan drug crimes attorney who will work to obtain the best possible result in your case.

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