Accident in Lower Providence Township Reveals Woman Driving on Suspended License

On April 20, 22-year-old Amanda Dornheim was involved in an accident which led authorities to discover she was driving on a suspended driver’s license, according to the Alternative Press, a Lower Providence Township, PA online publication.  The accident took place in the late afternoon in Lower Providence Township when Dornheim’s vehicle eventually struck another vehicle after crossing westbound travel lanes and entering eastbound lanes of Germantown Pike.

Four days after the accident, a mechanic determined that Dornheim’s vehicle was pulling to the left due to a bad ball joint.  Cpl. Matthew Kuhnert said after the mechanic found the problem that he did find evidence at the scene of the accident which may indicate the front driver’s side wheel locked up before the collision.

When the Lower Providence Police Department continued investigating, they discovered that Dornheim’s driver’s license had been suspended.  Because of the fact that she was breaking the law by driving without a license, Dornheim was charged with driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked, recklessly endangering another person, and accident involving injury while not properly licensed.

While the news article did not indicate why Dornheim’s license had been suspended, driving with a suspended license in the state of Michigan is a misdemeanor offense which will result in various punishments based on factors including the individual’s driving record, type of violation, and more.  Individuals whose licenses have been suspended should work with an experienced Michigan driver’s license restoration attorney and demonstrate a willingness to comply with the state’s requirements and recommendations for having a license restored.

Drivers license suspensions typically occur because of DUI or OWI charges, drug crimes, reckless driving, or traffic tickets which remain unpaid.  Having a suspended license reinstated does not happen automatically.  In order for the individual to regain the privilege of driving, he/she must pay a reinstatement fee and request the license be reinstated through the Michigan Secretary of State’s office.  In some situations, an individual’s license may be suspended or revoked indefinitely.

If your license has been suspended or revoked for any reason, consult with a highly skilled Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorney who can help you determine what action must be taken.

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