80-year-old ‘Coronation Street’ Star Arrested for Suspicion of Drunk Driving

Approximately three weeks ago, 80-year-old Barbara Knox, star of Coronation Street for more than 40 years, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Coronation street is a long-running soap opera in the U.K. Knox was allegedly arrested after she showed up at the Cheshire Knutford Police Station demanding the release of her daughter, Maxine Ashcroft, who had been arrested for drunk driving as well according to the Huffington Post.

Knox and her daughter were driving home when police pulled them over; Ashcroft was at the wheel at the time. After submitting to a breathalyzer test, Ashcroft was taken to the police station. Reports indicate that her blood alcohol level was nearly three times over the legal limit. When Knox later showed up to demand her daughter be released, police arrested her, suspecting that she was under the influence of alcohol when she drove herself to the police station.

Barbara Knox was released on bail, however news reports do not reveal the star’s blood alcohol level when she was arrested.

Michigan DUI defense lawyers know that anyone, regardless of age or celebrity stature, can be arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. While the criminal penalties for drunk driving in the U.S. are harsh, this story indicates how such an incident can affect an individual’s reputation and career – reports of the drunk driving incident are widely spread across the Internet. While this may not be the case for an individual who is not a celebrity, a DUI arrest can still impact a person’s life in many ways, including his or her career and standing in the community.

The criminal penalties for a conviction of DUI in Michigan include possible jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension, community service, and more. It is a serious offense that requires the legal support and guidance of a skilled Michigan DUI attorney. If you have been arrested or charged, contact an experienced defense lawyer right away to protect your legal rights and freedom.

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