72-year-old Royal Oak Township Woman Charged with Attempted Murder of Daughter

On Friday May 24, 72-year-old Mozella McIntyre was arrested and charged with attempted murder after she and her adopted daughter became involved in an argument over a bottle of water; McIntyre fired a gun at the 20-year-old woman, who was uninjured. She was arraigned before Oak Park 45B District Judge David Gubow and released with a GPS electronic tether on personal bond.

According to a news article at the Oakland Press, McIntyre also faces a felony firearm charge.

On Tuesday evening Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene, located in the 21000 block of Reimanville. Sheriff’s Sgt. Chad Allan said that McIntyre refused her adopted daughter’s request for a bottle of water, and an argument ensued. At that point, McIntyre retrieved a .38-caliber handgun and proceeded to point it at her daughter. The gun misfired when she pulled the trigger on the first attempt because the chamber was empty. Upon firing the gun a second time, a wall was struck near where the daughter was standing.

The news article states that McIntyre has no prior criminal history, and that the gun was legally registered to her. Police confiscated the gun after recovering the bullet; the suspect’s gun was a 38 Special Smith & Wesson.

McIntyre is scheduled for a June 4 pre-exam hearing in Oak Park District Court; a preliminary exam is scheduled for June 6.

Michigan murder defense attorneys know that if convicted, McIntyre could face up to life in prison. Even if she is sentenced to any number of years, it is possible that she could spend a substantial portion or all of her life behind bars, considering her age.

If you have been arrested for attempted murder or any serious/violent crime, take action immediately. Before speaking to police, consult with a skilled and aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer. Regardless of the seriousness of the crime you have been accused of committing, there are numerous defense strategies that may be used on your behalf to protect you from severe criminal penalties.

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