$500K in Marijuana Seized in Mountain View Drug Bust; Three Arrested

On Thursday June 12, three individuals were arrested in connection with manufacturing and possession of marijuana, according to a news article at the Mountain View Voice. The article claims that Mountain View police raided a building after securing a search warrant, discovering more than 800 marijuana plants.

Police seized the pot found at the building, which was estimated to have a street value of about $500,000. The Mountain View Police Department maintains a blog, which stated that in seizing the pot, police also seized a number of handguns, an assault rifle, and other illegal weapons. These items were found upon investigating the building located at 1132 Independence Ave. Police also recovered fans, industrial lamps, and other equipment used in the process of growing marijuana.

A few days after searching the Mountain View operation, police searched two homes in San Jose which they believed to be connected to the operation. In one home they located more than 30 lbs. of packaged marijuana and additional firearms. The other residence produced methamphetamine, two military-grade grenades, and illegal weapons.

Those arrested include 29-year-old Abby Rose, 33-year-old Semir Metovic, and 32-year-old Tito Hernandez. All face charges including manufacturing a controlled substance, possession of marijuana for sale, felon in possession of a firearm, and other charges.

The building where police initially searched is located behind Costco in an industrial section of Mountain View. Police are uncertain of how long the drug operation has been going on.

Manufacturing and distributing controlled substances is a very common and very serious crime that goes on across the U.S. today. Michigan drug crime defense attorneys know that if found guilty of the charges against them, the defendant’s in this case will face serious punishment, which will likely include substantial fines and jail/prison time.

In the state of Michigan, individuals who are convicted of marijuana possession with intent will face serious consequences which depend on the offender’s criminal history, and the amount of drug involved. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance, the most serious of all in terms of abuse and addiction. Possession of more than 200 pot plants with the intent to manufacture, sell, or distribute the marijuana will leave the offender facing fines of up to $10,000,000 along with prison time of up to 15 years. The manufacture of more than 100 marijuana plants in Michigan will result in charges at the federal level, which means even harsher penalties.

Anyone who has been arrested or charged with possessing, manufacturing, or distributing any illegal drug or narcotic must consult with a highly experienced Michigan drug crime lawyer immediately. It is vital that you take this first important step to protect your freedom, reputation, and future.

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