23-year-old Woman Arrested for Violent Stabbing Death of Elderly Ypsilanti Man in March

On March 26th of this year, a 71-year-old Ypsilanti man was found dead in his home, apparently a victim of a stabbing. Now, a 23-year-old woman has been arrested in the stabbing according to a recent news article at Mlive.com.

Gary Schneider, the victim, was reportedly stabbed numerous times in the neck and head area after it is believed he and the suspect became involved in a violent discussion. Haleigh Maynard has been charged and arraigned on a single count of open murder in Schneider’s death. No details regarding the circumstances of the argument or the killing have been released.

The victim’s body was discovered in his home when a woman who lived in the area found Schneider’s wallet on a sidewalk and tried to return it. The door of his home was open, and vehicles in the driveway. When the woman received no response, she called police.

A public defender has been appointed to represent Maynard, who asked Magistrate Elisha Fink in court only one question – if convicted, how long might she spend in prison. She was told that the maximum penalty is life in prison if found guilty of murder.

Maynard’s preliminary exam is scheduled for September 17.

Murder is the most serious crime any individual may be charged with. When charged with ‘open murder,’ a defendant may be charged with first- or second-degree murder, or other manslaughter or homicide charges. The criminal penalties the defendant may face if convicted depend on the specific charge as well as other factors, including criminal history.

Every person who is charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors must prove every element of a crime in order for a defendant to be found guilty. Anyone who has been accused of murder or any homicide offense must consult with a highly experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney who will fight aggressively in order to obtain positive results, and protect the client’s freedom.

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