23-year-old Detroit Man to Appear in Court on Armed Robbery, Other Charges

Jamill Devon Passmore, a 23-year-old Detroit man who allegedly assisted in setting up a group of EMU students who were robbed of personal items outside of the Westview Apartments in January of this year, is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, May 30 for a pretrial hearing before Judge David Swartz.

According to EMU police, a student and four guests who had been watching a basketball game at the student’s apartment were robbed of cell phones, Rolex watches and other items as they left the apartment at approximately 1:30 a.m. Two men approached the group and implied that they had a weapon before robbing the group of men. Police believed that one of the visitors who had been in the student’s apartment was involved in the robbery because of “statements that some of the guests made.”

The student who lived in the apartment, Charles Bell, watched the game with Passmore, William Gholston, Michael Jefferson, and Reggie James, all of whom were believed to be EMU students other than James. Passmore repeatedly left the apartment to walk and talk on his cell phone according to a news article at Annarbor.com. Police believe he was talking with two men that he had driven from Detroit to Ypsilanti with.

When the five men (including Passmore) left the apartment, they were reportedly going to meet some girls at a party. According to Gholston, the men had been out of the apartment only seconds when they were threatened by two men who approached them from behind and said they had a weapon. Three of the group got down on the ground, however Passmore and Jefferson ran according to testimony. Jefferson said that as he and Passmore ran from the suspected robbers, Passmore attempted to rob him. Jefferson testified that Passmore grabbed the back of his head and slammed him to the ground. After failing an attempt to take Jefferson’s Rolex, he fled the scene.

Police determined that Passmore had been involved in a setup with two other men to rob the victims. He was charged with assault with intent to rob while unarmed, four counts of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and four counts of armed robbery. He is currently being held in the Washtenaw County Jail on a $75,000 cash bond.

Michigan armed robbery attorneys know that individuals convicted of armed robbery face a minimum of two years in prison, and may be sentenced to life behind bars.

Individuals who have been arrested for any larceny or theft offense should consult with a skilled Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately, so that action can be taken to protect your legal rights and freedom.

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