22-year-old Superior Township Man Convicted of Child Abuse and Torture, Faces Possible Life in Prison

Last month, we wrote about Harvey Seville Wince, a 22-year-old Superior Township man who had been accused of torturing a 3-year-old child he was babysitting for his girlfriend. Now, Wince has been found guilty of first-degree child abuse and torture. This is the second time Wince has been tried in the case; the first trial concluded in November of 2012, when the jury was unable to reach a verdict. Wince will potentially face life in prison when sentenced.

Wince’s 17-year-old girlfriend was the toddler’s frequent babysitter, however on April 1 of 2012 the babysitter had other plans and left the boy in the care of Wince. When the toddler’s mother returned home from work on the evening of April 1, she found her son had burns on his body, bite marks, and other injuries. She took him to the University of Michigan Health System for treatment of his injuries, where it was found that he also had fluid in his abdomen and blood in his urine.

Investigators in the case found that along with burns caused by being placed in a bathtub of scalding water, the toddler suffered a lacerated liver believed to be caused by blunt force trauma. The boy allegedly had bruises over his entire body, and bite marks on his arms. Wince did admit to biting the boy. Authorities at the sheriff’s office could not determine a motive for the injuries to the 3-year-old.

While this is a very sad situation, Michigan child abuse attorneys understand that there are often situations in which a parent is wrongly accused of child abuse, sometimes by an ex-spouse, or by someone else who may notice a bruise or other injury which occurred in a completely innocent way. The criminal penalties for those convicted are serious; not only may you spend years in prison, your reputation may be ruined, and your relationship with your child damaged for life.

Individuals who have been accused of child abuse or neglect must consult with a Michigan criminal defense lawyer who is compassionate, and who will work diligently to protect your freedom and reputation.

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