22-year-old Saginaw Man to Serve More Than 30 Years for 2013 Shooting at Apartment Complex

On September 15, 22-year-old Keith K. Solomon Jr. was sentenced to 36 years and three months to 65 years in prison after being convicted of seven felonies involving a shooting at the Birch Park apartment complex in May of 2013. Solomon was given credit for just over 16 months already served.

In July, Solomon was convicted of shooting Gerald Hudson at the apartment complex after the two men became involved in an altercation. According to a news article at Mlive.com, Hudson was sitting in van when Solomon, who was riding a bicycle, circled the van and eventually began speaking to two other people in the vicinity. Hudson got out of the van and shook one of the individual’s hands before walking back toward the van, when Solomon decided to follow him. Hudson then turned toward Solomon, raised his fists, and told Solomon he did not want to fight. Solomon replied to Hudson that he (Hudson) wasn’t going to knock him out like he did Solomon’s cousin, upon which he pulled a handgun and shot Hudson.

Hudson recovered from his injuries and was able to testify at Solomon’s trial. In addition to his conviction for assault, Solomon was found guilty of possessing a firearm as a felon, carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, and three felony firearm counts as a second time offender. In November, Solomon turned down a plea agreement which would have resulted in a minimum 20 year sentence.

Michigan criminal defense attorneys know that in some instances, agreeing to a plea deal is a better option than going to trial – particularly if the evidence is overwhelming in support of a conviction. In this case, had Solomon accepted the plea agreement he may have spent 20 years in prison. Now, he will spend at least 36 years in prison and possibly as many as 65.

In choosing a defense lawyer, it is critical to choose someone who is skilled, experienced, and aggressive. A qualified Michigan criminal defense lawyer should be fully committed to securing the best possible outcome, and helping the defendant understand not only the legal process, but all of his or her options. It is important that your attorney works hard to protect your legal rights and freedom to the greatest extent possible. Regardless of how serious or violent a crime you have been accused of, the defense attorney you choose can make all of the difference in the outcome.

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