18-Year-Old Detroit Man Facing Possible Life in Prison for July Armed Robbery and Carjacking of State Representative

On July 8th of this year, state Representative Jimmy Womack was allegedly carjacked and robbed outside a Detroit convenience store. Rodsco Williamson, an 18-year-old Detroit man, was arraigned on August 15th on charges of armed robbery, carjacking and possessing felony firearms. Williamson was arrested by Detroit Police on Tuesday, August 14th. According to news reports, he may now be facing life in prison if convicted of the charges. He was placed in the Wayne County Jail on a $250,000 cash bond.

Individuals who are accused of carjacking, armed robbery and other serious criminal offenses face serious consequences without the skill of a seasoned Michigan criminal defense lawyer. In this case, a teenage boy may be spending the remainder of his life behind bars if convicted. Compassionate attorneys realize that as humans, we all make mistakes – but it does not mean we don’t deserve a second chance.

According to news reports Womack had stopped to purchase a bottle of champagne at a convenience store located between Hamilton and Second avenues on McNichols Road when three men pulled guns on him as he returned to his car. Womack stated that the men demanded his car keys, and he refused. When he did so, he was told by the men to start the car. In what Womack said may have not been a wise move, he told the men, “I’m not starting the car, and I’m not giving you the car.”

Instead of taking Womack’s car, the robbers took almost $300 from his shirt pocket. Williamson’s preliminary examination is scheduled in the 36th District Court on August 27th.

Michigan carjacking attorneys realize the serious consequences those face who are convicted of serious crimes including armed robbery and carjacking. When an individual attempts to take possession of another person’s car in a way that involves threats, violence, force or fear, that individual may be charged with carjacking, which is a felony offense punishable by substantial time in prison, possibly even life. If you have been charged with armed robbery, carjacking or any criminal offense, don’t waste time. Contact a capable Detroit criminal defense attorney at once.

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