1 Suspect Killed, 3 Wounded by Intended Crime Victims

According to Detroit police, an attempted robbery and a separate burglary ended in the death of 1 suspect and 3 other suspects suffering injuries. In the first incident, a man was leaving a northwest Detroit gas station when two men attempted to rob him. The 41-year-old intended victim struggled with his assailants, then shot at them. Police say the man who shot at the suspects did have a concealed pistol license. One of the men, a 20-year-old, was shot in the chest by the intended robbery victim; the other suspect ran away. The incident took place at a Sunoco Gas stations near Hubbell and Joy Roads.

On Friday morning, four men broke in to a shop on Detroit’s west side. The 51-year-old owner of the store shot three of the four men, one of which died. Two others were wounded, and a fourth man was arrested after he was found hiding inside the store.

Michigan criminal defense attorneys realize the seriousness of both of these offenses. Both robbery and burglary can result in harsh penalties when an individual is convicted. Armed robbery is considered a very serious offense in Michigan. In fact, the minimum prison sentence for anyone convicted on charges of armed robbery is two years. When an individual is found guilty of stealing property or money using violence, force or fear against any individual who is present during the commission of the crime or even fleeing the scene may be subject to as many as 15 years behind bars.

In this unusual turn of events, intended victims in both cases were able to stop the suspects. If you have been charged with armed or unarmed robbery, burglary or any other theft offense, contact an aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately. Your future and freedom are in jeopardy without the skill and experience of a seasoned attorney, who will review your case, analyze the evidence and prepare a vigorous defense on your behalf should it become necessary.

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