Slain Bodies Found in Detroit Garage Identified by Wayne County Medical Examiner

Two bodies that were found on July 5 by Detroit police in a garage of a west Detroit home have now been identified by the Wayne County Medical Examiner as 47-year-old Megail Aaron and 35-year-old Evelyn Stewart.

Brooke Blackwell, spokeswoman for Wayne County said on Friday, July 13th that Aaron died from multiple stab wounds while Stewart was asphyxiated. The medical examiner did confirm that the man and woman were killed. The dead bodies were discovered behind a home located at 22650 West Chicago which overlooks Rouge River Park inside a detached garage. At the time the bodies were discovered by Detroit police, the scene was described as “gruesome.”

Near the caution tape in the center of a sidewalk police also found a black bag containing a lady’s shoes, purse and other items. A door leading to the garage was found to be open as well. It is unknown whether police have any suspects in the case at this time.

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