Recent Poll Indicates Lansing Residents Don’t Believe Gun Buyback Will Reduce Violence

A poll recently taken by MLive of their readers indicated that the majority of those polled did not believe that a new gun buyback program would reduce violence in the Lansing area; in fact, most felt that more guns were needed in order to combat the substantial violence that takes place in Michigan’s capital city.

Mayor Virg Bernero believed the approach would reduce crime, but only about 8% of the more than 300 voters in the poll agreed with him. A huge percentage of those polled felt that more citizens should be armed, and that the buyback program was not a good investment. A better solution would be to spend money on guns and the training required for citizens to use them. Man of those polled felt that criminals have no interest in turning in guns; those who would are those who really have no use for a gun, or who simply want to get rid of a gun that doesn’t work properly or are afraid to fire.

Following the homicide of a 16-year-old recently, Bernero announced his intentions regarding the $25,000 gun buyback program, stating that he “did not want to attend another visitation for a homicide victim in this community.”

Steven W. Dulan, a legal expert in the area of guns who teaches at Lansing’s Cooley Law School, stated that violence is not mitigated through gun buyback programs. Associate professor of criminal justice Dr. Christopher Kierkus of Grand Valley State University concurred that such programs are not efficient for reducing violent crime.

For the most part, those who participated in the poll agreed that deterring crime would be best solved by citizens taking up arms. Many felt that if citizens were to be able to defend themselves with guns, criminals would think twice before engaging in violent crime.

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