Pretrial Hearing for Man Accused of Attacking Farmington Hills Family with Baseball Bat Postponed

In April of this year, two young men were charged with murder and attempted murder in a case that involved a Farmington Hills family being attacked with a baseball bat. Mitchell Young and Tucker Cipriano were both charged in the vicious attack that killed Cipriano’s father and critically injured his brother and mother. The family was attacked in their home just outside of Detroit.

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Mitchell Young, the 20-year-old accused of participating with Cipriano in the attack, was scheduled to appear before Judge Shalina Kumar in Oakland County Court on July 31st, however the appearance has been delayed until September 4th, which is the date scheduled for the pretrial hearing for Tucker Cipriano. Both of the accused appeared in court in June for separate arraignments. Cipriano’s original pretrial date was originally set for September due to the fact he was ordered to undergo a forensic exam.

Reports allege that the two young men broke in to the Cipriano’s home to steal valuables and money, but that Cipriano’s father, Robert, caught them and ordered them out of the home. At that point, Tucker Cipriano held his father down while Young used the baseball bat to beat him. According to police, Tucker told detectives that even after his father fell to the floor, Young continued to hit the man with the baseball bat.

Tucker Cipriano had been on probation for drug convictions since February, however court records revealed March 15th as the last time he had reported to his probation officer. Reports state that the officer who had been assigned to monitor Cipriano had been suspended, according to corrections officials.

It is apparent that things went horribly wrong in this situation, and likely that the two young men involved will face serious penalties if convicted on the charges, punishment that could ruin their lives forever.

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