Pontiac Heroin Seizure Largest In Oakland County History

The Detroit Free Press reports that this week’s joint operation between the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration resulted in a seizure of the largest quantity of heroin in Oakland County and Michigan history. Law enforcement recovered 10.5 kilograms of cocaine and 69 kilograms of heroin with a combined street value of $150 million.

Michigan law enforcement is serious about cracking down on drug crimes. If you’ve have been charged with federal drug charges or a major felony offense for drug trafficking, you face jail or prison time and large fines. In some cases, in their zeal to remove drugs from the streets, police or drug enforcement agents make errors in charges or in the procedures used to confiscate narcotics or other drugs. In order to ensure your rights are protected, it’s important to contact an aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney immediately if you’ve been charged or under investigation for any state or federal felony drug charge.

According to news reports, law enforcement conducted a traffic stop and found two kilograms of cocaine. They then executed a search warrant and found large quantities of heroin, cocaine and cash.

Even when evidence of contraband exists, many defenses exist that an experienced Michigan drug crime lawyer can raise in order to protect your future and keep you out of jail. Knowledgeable Michigan criminal defense attorneys will protect your constitutional rights against police mistakes and misconduct by investigating such questions as:

• Was the search warrant on your vehicle or property valid?
• Did the police have the right to stop and search your car?
• Did probable cause exists for your arrest?
• Is any chemical testing accurate?
• Did police or DEA agents entrap you?
• Were informants and witnesses used fairly?

Because possession of a few ounces of narcotics can turn into drug distribution or drug trafficking charges, it is critical to ensure the Michigan drug defense law firm you hire fully investigates all avenues of defense. Early intervention is key to beat charges or lessen to consequents of an arrest and prosecution. In high-profile Michigan drug trafficking cases such as this heroin bust, it becomes even more important to fight back as soon as possible. Many times, prosecutors want to make a name for themselves and make alleged drug sellers “enemy number one.” Often, charges may be trumped up and innocent individuals prosecuted just because of who they know or are associated with.

Remember – it’s your life and future on the line. In order to avoid being swept up by prosecutors or other law enforcement officials trying to make a name for themselves at your expense, contact an aggressive Michigan drug defense team to challenge any drug charges in Michigan – from drug distribution and sale to federal and major felony drug trafficking. At Grabel & Associates, your future is our number one priority. If you are facing any drug charge or are under investigation for a Michigan drug crime, our aggressive drug defense team knows how to challenge the evidence, point out police mistakes and keep you out of jail.

For more information, contact the aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates for an immediate response.