Police Release Video in Effort to Capture Suspect in Josie’s Takeout Robbery in Jackson

On Sunday evening, August 19, Josie’s Takeout in Jackson was robbed just after 5:30 p.m. According to Sgt. Adam Williams of the Jackson police, a man walked into the party store located at 1248 S. Jackson Street and after revealing a gun, demanded cigarettes and cash from the clerk. The suspect then ran from the store where police believe a car was waiting for him on S. Jackson Street.

News reports first stated that police were not able to secure a good description of the suspect or of the waiting car, but a video of the robbery has since been released.

In the video released by the Jackson Police Department, the suspect is shown handing a bag to the clerk who is behind the counter. The suspect also has a gun in the video, and is shown fumbling with the money the clerk handed over before putting it in his pocket. Original news reports stated that the suspect demanded two cartons of cigarettes, but videos show the clerk handing him several packs. The suspect then puts them in the bag and leaves the store.

At this point, the clerk goes outside in pursuit of the robbery suspect, but returns when other customers come in to the store. As of August 24th police were offering a reward of $500 to the public for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

When apprehended it’s very likely the suspect will be charged with armed robbery, which is a crime considered very serious in Michigan. It is important that any individual who has been arrested or is even under investigation for any armed theft offense consult with an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney right away.

Do not speak with police before taking with a skilled lawyer; doing so may incriminate you further, as police are extremely aggressive and skilled in using tactics to get you say things that are to their own benefit – and to your detriment. If convicted, you will likely face time behind bars and a criminal record. The first step you should take is to contact a capable Michigan armed robbery lawyer who will determine the best action to take for a positive outcome in your situation.