Officer-involved Shooting Results in Lockdown of Three Harper Woods Schools

On Thursday September 20th, a Detroit shooting ultimately led to three Harper Woods schools being locked down after the pursuit of a man by Detroit police crossed in to the Harper Woods area. Reports initially claimed that the shooting was “officer-involved,” but both Detroit and Harper Woods police claim there were no officers involved from either of the departments.

According to news reports, Detroit police were in pursuit of a man when they crossed into the Harper Woods area near Kelly and 8 Mile. The suspect allegedly fled to the Chandler Park Academy High School, where he was captured following a foot pursuit and taken into custody by Harper Woods Police.

Harper Woods High School, Middle School and Chandler Park Academy were all locked down for a period of about 20 minutes on Thursday afternoon as a precaution. Phillip Cook, Detroit Public Information Officer, confirmed that the pursuit of the suspect did originate in Detroit, but that no Detroit officers were involved in a shooting. He did say that the suspect was shot, but could not confirm which agency/police department did the shooting.

The suspect was treated for injuries at a local hospital.

What the suspect allegedly did is not clear; news reports claim that the suspect was involved in a shooting incident in Detroit, but no other details have been mentioned.

Headlines claim that the shooting was “officer involved,” yet both departments deny any officer involvement. Perhaps we will get clarification on what actually happened in the coming days.

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