Oakland County Conviction Of Woman For Marijuana Possession Reveals Flaws In Michigan Drug Law

According to the Oakland County Daily Tribune, an Oakland County Jury has convicted a 70-year-old Lake Orion woman for growing marijuana in her house. Barbara Argo now faces up to 4-years in jail on charges of manufacturing/delivering marijuana.

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Here, Argo worked at a medical marijuana dispensary. After a raid on the facility, Argo told deputies that she was growing marijuana plants at her house. When law enforcement discovered 19 plants, they arrested her, despite the fact that she is a licensed medical marijuana patient and caregiver.

Placing Argo behind bars would be an unjust result. She does not post any threat to society. She is a patient who was growing drugs for her own medical use – not a dangerous drug trafficker or manufacturer. Michigan passed the Medical Marijuana Act in 2008 with overwhelming support for its citizen to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Using significant resources to put Argo behind bars is misplaced.

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