No Arrests Made in Detroit Princess Riverboat Shooting That Left 7 Injured

An August 5th late-night cruise upon the Detroit Princess Riverboat ended in gunfire, with seven people suffering injuries. According to news reports, early in the morning hours on Monday, August 6th, shots were fired outside the riverboat. A DJ on board said he witnessed several woman get struck by the gunshots on shore.

New reports reveal that it all began when a man on board the Detroit Princess Riverboat struck his girlfriend or wife. Although security on board split the two up, 911 was called. Family members of the two got involved in the dispute, and approximately 10 minutes after the 911 call was made EMS was notified that a shooting had taken place.

Apparently, a woman left the riverboat and had contacted her boyfriend asking that he bring her a gun. Chris Clarke, General Manager of the Detroit Princess, said that the woman waited outside of the boat for family members to come off, then shot her cousin. In all, four family members were struck by the gunshots; the rest were friends of the shooter. Several women sustained injuries to their arms and legs while standing on an elevated grass area after departing the riverboat.

The woman who shot left the scene in a light colored SUV along with her boyfriend who was struck in the back by a bullet as another woman fired at the couple from the shore. Neither of the two women were arrested, although reports say it’s not clear why.

Some witnesses said that the family feud was reminiscent of “the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s.” A Detroit Police Department representative stated later on Monday that no arrests had been made, and that those hospitalized had serious but non life-threatening injuries. The victims were participating in an “On Deck Sunday” Moonlight Cruise sponsored by Hot 107.5 according to the riverboat’s website.

Detroit police have requested that those with information call their office at 313-596-5240 or Crime Stoppers at 800-SPEAKUP.

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