New Report Identifies Flint As Most Violent City

The FBI as recently released a report evaluating per capita crime rates in cities with population above 100,000 – listed as the number one violent city is Flint, Michigan. According to FBI crime statistics, Flint tops the country with the worst violent crime rate. Violent crimes include such incidents as murder, homicide, gang violence and domestic violence.

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Contrary to Flint, crime rates in Saginaw, Michigan – a city that has held the dubious distinction of “most violent city” in recent years, have dropped.

NBC 25 Michigan news investigated possible reasons for the varying rates in crime, citing issues such as reduced police forces in Flint, increased community activism in Saginaw and lack of jail space in Genesee County. While Flint tries to grapple with issues of high crime rates, it is important that the rights of those individuals charged and arrested are not swept aside in an attempt to improve Flint’s reputation.

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