Michigan Violent Crime Rate Up In Flint and Saginaw, Lower In Jackson and Detroit

News reports that violent crime is rising in Michigan cities including Flint, Inkster and Saginaw. In fact, Flint Michigan has been designated the “Most Dangerous City in America.” According to a report released by the FBI, “Crime in the United States,” Flint recorded the highest violent crime rate in cities with 100,000 or more people. However, in cities such as Jackson and metro Detroit violent crime rates are lower.

Violent crime charges carrying with them significant consequences if convicted. If you are under investigation or have been charged with any violent crime, you need a Michigan violent crime defense attorney to protect your rights and begin preparing your defense. The MIchigan criminal defense lawyer you choose can and will make a difference on your future.

According to reports, Flint reported a record number of murders in 2010. Murder, manslaughter and other homicide charges are some of Michigan’s most serious crimes. Obtaining an aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer who understands key strategies and defenses is crucial to keeping you out of jail. Under Michigan law several different homicide charges exist and each carries with it different penalties. Homicide charges include:

• First-degree murder
• Second-degree murder
• Felony murder
• Voluntary manslaughter
• Involuntary manslaughter
By interviewing witnesses, reviewing forensic evidence and evaluating police conduct it may be possible to get the charges reduced or even eliminated in some cases.

Reports indicate that the number of other Flint violent crimes increased as well. Violent crimes include such charges as:

Weapons charges
• Felony firearm possession

If you have been charged with a crime while in possession of a firearm, not only do you face potential penalties for the underlying crime, but state guidelines also call for a minimum two-year prison sentence. An experienced Michigan weapons charges defense attorney can challenge the evidence as part of a compelling defense, raising potential questions such as:

• Was the weapon loaded?
• Is the weapon used for hunting?
• Were you aware the weapon was in your possession?

By pointing out flaws in the evidence, aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyers may be able to get charges dropped and keep you out of jail.

Additional violent crimes include crimes such as assault, gang violence and domestic violence. Seeking out the assistance of a criminal defense law firm right away is important when facing any of these violent crime charges in order to begin preparing a vigorous defense right away.

Although reports note that violent crime rates have gone up in Flint, many cities throughout Michigan and across the nation reported lower levels of crime. In fact, in Jackson, violent crime was down 13% in 2010 and property crime was down%. Nationally, violent crime went down 6% and property crime 2.7%.

Being under investigation for or charged with a violent crime in Michigan is a serious matter. In order to protect your future and your freedom, it is important to speak to an experience Michigan criminal defense law firm at once. For more information, contact the aggressive criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates immediately for a free consultation.