Michigan Summertime Drunk Driving Enforcement Stepped-Up

With summer under way and the 4th of July fast approaching, law enforcement agencies in 35 Michigan counties will be stepping up drunk driving patrols. Lenawee, Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Sanilac, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties are among those receiving federal funds earmarked for traffic safety.

If you are under suspicion of any Michigan drunk driving offense, it is important to contact an experienced Michigan drunk driving defense lawyer immediately to protect your driving privileges and begin preparing your defense.

Reports indicate that the emphasis of the increased patrol is to remove and arrest both those drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol as well as those driving under the influence of drugs. Although decreasing the number of accidents and fatalities is a common goal, it is important that in an effort to improve safety, law enforcement does not wrongfully arrest or convict drivers. Remember – even if you are detained and arrested for OWI you can fight back. By challenging field sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests and even the stop itself, it is possible to get charges reduced or eliminated.

As Michigan drunk driving defense attorneys we support efforts to improve the safety of our roads. However, too often over zealous law enforcement leads to wrongful arrests and convictions. If you are detained for any Michigan DUI offense, contact the aggressive Michigan OWI defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates for immediate attention.

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