Medical Marijuana Debate Continues

Since 2008, Michigan citizens have legally been able to use medical marijuana. Despite the legality of medical marijuana uses – dispensary owners and even registered users sometimes face prosecution for drug possession or drug distribution. Under Michigan law, individuals with qualifying medical conditions who are registered patients in the Michigan Medical Marijuana program and have orders from a physician can legally grow marijuana to personally treat their conditions. Additionally, medical marijuana users or their licensed primary caregivers may grow up to 12 marijuana plants and have 2.5 ounces of pot for use by the registered, qualified patients they’re treating.

Despite the legality of medical marijuana, individuals are often still arrested under this sometimes-confusing law. Further, those who try to open medical dispensaries, clinics and supply houses are often the center of controversy. Businesses located alongside dispensaries often fight the marijuana businesses claiming that dispensaries scare away potential customers.

In fact, Lansing city council members recently approved an ordinance limiting dispensaries to industrial and commercial areas, requiring them to stay 1,000 feet from schools, churches and other marijuana businesses. Medical marijuana users also face strict restrictions – in order to use marijuana legally, individuals must be licensed by the state. As of July 1, about 82,000 people were licensed to use medical marijuana in Michigan. 7,190 people were licensed in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties.

At Grabel & Associates we believe in individual’s rights to use medical marijuana and for caregivers to distribute medical marijuana. Too often people who have marijuana in their possession for personal medical use are charged with state or even federal charges related to drug trafficking and distribution.

For more information or if you have been charged with any crime related to medical marijuana, including possession, distribution or trafficking, please contact the aggressive Michigan drug defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates for immediate attention.

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