Labor Day Crackdown On Michigan Drunk Driving Leads To DUI Arrests And The Need For DUI Defense

With the end of summer and Labor Day, Michigan law enforcement was out in force across the state cracking down on drunk driving. In fact, news reports that 35 Michigan counties had stepped up drunk driving enforcement during the last few weeks of August through Labor Day. Some of the counties cracking down include Washtenaw, Wayne, Lenawee, Livingston, Macomb, Monroe and Oakland Counties.

With increased enforcement, numerous drunk driving arrests were made statewide. If you were detained and charged with Michigan drunk driving you need the help of an aggressive Michigan drunk driving lawyer immediately to fight back and protect your driving privileges. Remember, just because you were charged does not mean you will be found guilty of Michigan DUI/OUI. Numerous defenses exist to all driving under the influence charges. An experienced Michigan DUI defense attorney can challenge drunk driving stops and flaws in the evidence and in many cases may be able to get DUI charges reduced or eliminated.

Michigan drunk driving penalties are severe, an aggressive Michigan DUI lawyer can fight to protect your driving privileges and help you avoid harsh consequences such as:

• Jail time of up to 93 days for a first offense
• Fines
• Drivers license restrictions including points on your license and license suspension
• Community service
• Potential installation of an ignition interlock device

In Michigan, it doesn’t take much to go from a first offense to being charged with a felony OWI. If you have just two previous drunk driving convictions in your lifetime you may face mandatory jail time. That’s why it’s so important to have a skilled criminal defense firm on your side.

Even if a conviction is unavoidable, a skilled DUI defense lawyer can help you minimize the impact on your freedom, your insurance and your driving privileges.

Law enforcement makes many common errors in drunk driving stops that can be used in your drunk driving defense. In some cases, law enforcement lacks the proper authority to make a DUI stop. If police lack probable cause to stop or detain you, a DUI defense lawyer can challenge the stop itself. Other times, law enforcement fails to follow the e proper procedures for administering tests for intoxication. If the breath test device is not properly maintained or otherwise up to legal standards, drunk driving defense firms can point out flaws in the testing devices and potential inconsistent or erroneous blood or breath test results. Sometime law enforcement relies on an individual’s performance on a field sobriety tests (FSTs) as the basis for a drunk driving charge. However, FSTs are notoriously unreliable due to the amount of police officer discretion used in interpreting results. Skilled drunk driving defense lawyers can show alternative reasons for “failing” FSTs such as driver fatigue, health conditions that may impact performance, and time of day.

Because drunk driving charges have the potential to greatly impact your future and your freedom it is critical to fight back right away to protect your rights and your reputation.

If you are facing any Michigan drunk driving charge please contact the dedicated Michigan criminal defense firm of Grabel & Associates for more information and to speak to an aggressive Michigan DWI defense lawyer at once.

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