Kent County Soccer Coach Arrested For Child Sexual Assault

Kent County news reports that a soccer coach has been arrested for sexual abuse of a child. He is the fourth Michigan man entrusted with children to be arrested in just two days. These charges are serious and unfortunately many are quick to judge – assuming the men are guilty before having had a chance to tell their side of the story.

If you have been charged with an offense involving a child, such as child molestation, sexual abuse or child pornography, it is important to contact an aggressive Michigan child molestation defense attorney at once to begin preparing your defense and protect your reputation.

In certain situations, criminal allegations involving children – such a sexual abuse or molestation – are used to gain leverage in child custody battles or other underlying motivation. An experienced child sexual abuse defense lawyer can investigate the changes using innovative strategies to uncover the motivation for making the accusation.

Here – the newspaper reports that the four men arrested include a soccer coach, a former director of a home for troubled teens, a school bus driver and a church pastor. The facts and circumstances of each case are unknown but already much public speculation in the media has begun.

Child molestation cases are particularly sensitive – with different strategies used to confront charges made by underaged victims. It takes a knowledgeable Michigan child sexual assault defense attorney to understand how to fight these charges and get these charges reduced or dropped.

In fact, because the stakes are so high in all cases involving charges of sex crimes, it is important to contact a Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer to begin working on your defense. Many times, over zealous law enforcement and prosecutors anxious to make a name for themselves make errors or missteps in prosecuting charges of sex crimes. Skilled Michigan criminal sexual misconduct lawyers can point out flaws in the evidence or challenge the allegation, with the goal of keeping you out of jail and keeping your name off the Michigan sex crimes registry.

Those convicted of Michigan sex crimes face serious penalties including heavy fines, prison sentences and the placement of your name on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR). The courts take any sex crimes seriously, especially those against underage victims. It is critical to seek a sex crimes defense lawyer right away. Despite recent changes to the Michigan sex crimes registry, those who are convicted of child molestation or sexual abuse face placement in the most severe category – that of child predator. Such a label may affect your entire life, creating a stigma and affecting where you live, work and even the government programs you may be eligible for.

At Grabel & Associates we believe that you are innocent until proven guilty and are dedicated to fighting sex crimes and believe you are innocent until proven guilty – no matter what the charges.

For more information, or if you or a loved one are facing Michigan child molestation charges or any other Michigan sex crime, contact the aggressive Michigan sexual assault defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates to protect your future and begin preparing your defense.